In this guide:

Upload a single video

1. Sign in to Office 365 @

2. Select the app launcher App Launcher , and then select Video.

Video Icon

3. In Office 365 Video, on the top navigation bar, choose Upload.


4. Select the channel to which you want to upload the video. If you’re already in a channel, the name of that channel will be selected as the default. To upload your video to a different channel, just select the channel name from the drop-down list.


5. Do one of the following:

  • Drag a file to the box labeled Select videos to upload or drag files here.
  • Click in the box labeled Select videos to upload or drag files here, select a video in the Choose File to Upload dialog box, and then choose Open.

Select Videos to Upload

The video will start to upload.

Tip: To replace an existing video with a new version, simply make sure that the file name for the new version is exactly the same as the file name for the original version. Also, make sure you upload the new version of the video to the same channel as the original one. This will ensure that the URL for the video remains the same.

5. While the video is uploading, you can provide a title and description for the video, and then select Save.

6. After the upload is complete, select Go to video to view your video.


Upload multiple videos at the same time

1. From a Windows Explorer window, drag and drop the videos into the box labeled Select videos to upload or drag file here. The videos will start to upload.

2. When all the videos are uploaded and are being processed for playback, you can choose Edit details next to a video thumbnail to provide a title and description for the video. To provide this information:

  1. Specify a title and description for the video.
  2. Choose Save.


Changing a thumbnail for a video

1. On the video player page in Office 365 Video, select Manage on the menu bar and then click Thumbnail.

Manage Thumbnail

2 In the Choose a thumbnail pane, click to select the thumbnail you want to use for your video from one of the pre-generated thumbnails. Alternately, click Upload an image, to choose and upload a custom thumbnail.

Choose thumbnail

3. After making your selection, select the X in the top right corner of the Choose a thumbnail pane.

NOTE: It may take several minutes for people to see the new thumbnail.


Editing information about a video

Providing information about a video, such as a description or a list of people in the video, will make it easier for users to find it through search and will provide additional context for the video in Delve and the Office Graph. To edit information about a video, you have to have owner or editor permission for the channel that the video is in. For information about channel permissions, see Changing channel permissions later in this article.

1. Select the channel that the video is in.

2. Select the thumbnail of the video that you want to edit.

3. On the video player page, below the video player, choose the Edit icon edit.

4. Change the information about the video as appropriate.

5. Choose Save.