Skype Online is an extension to your Outlook Online in a web browser. Skype Online allows you to connect and chat with your contacts from your web browser.

Sign in to Outlook Online

  1. Sign into your email by visiting: . NOTE: Use your TechID and password

sign in

Sign in to Skype

  1. Select your profile picture from the top menu bar
  2. Choose “Sign in to IM
  3. NOTE: Your status will default to “Available”

Access Skype for Business Panel

Once logged into IM, select the Skype icon on the top right menu bar. This will open a quick access panel to Skype for Business. From this window you can see the status of your contacts and chat with them.


skype pane

  • You can keep the Skype for Business window open while still reading emails.
  • Each contact will display name, availability, and when they were last seen online.
  • Green is available, Yellow is away from keyboard, red is busy, grey or blank is offline.
  • To hide or close the Skype for Business panel, click the Skype icon again.

Add Contacts

You can add new contacts by searching for their name in the search field, next to the magnifying glass.

search for contacts

To add the contact to your list, select their card and then select the Add to Contacts button.

add to contact


To initiate a conversation, double-click your contact from the contacts list. Once you have selected your contact, the window will change to a chat window.

skype chat window