Purpose: To change a password when disconnected from the Forsyth Tech network.

Start: Any time you need to reset an expired password while off campus.

Materials: Ex. Forsyth Tech laptop, Separate computer or mobile device with internet access

1. From your Forsyth Tech laptop, navigate to the Windows login screen.

a. If you are logged into the laptop, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE simultaneously on the keyboard, then select Log Off.
b. If the laptop is not powered on, power the laptop on and wait until you get the Windows login screen.

Press CTRL + ALT + DEL


2. Press CTRL + ALT+ DELETE to log on. Select Offline TechID Password Reset.

Select Offline TechID Password Reset


3. A window titled “Quest One Secure Password Extension” will open.  Select Next to continue

Quest One Secure Password Extension Wizard


4. Enter the forsythtech\techid in the username field.  Select Next to continue.

TechID username


5. Note: To continue you will need a separate computer or mobile device with internet access.

Make a note of the challenge code provided (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX…).  You will need this code in a few steps.

challenge code


6. On a separate computer or mobile device, open an internet browser, and navigate to the TechID Self-Service portal. http://techid.forsythtech.edu

a. Enter your TechID and answer the captcha challenge.  Select OK to continue



7. Select Offline Password Reset from the list of options.

Offline Password Reset


8. Enter your current password.  Select Next to continue. Note: This is your current password, NOT the password you wish to change it to.

Enter current password


9. Enter a new password and challenge code from Step 5.

a. In the New Password field provide a new password that meets the requirements of the password policy listed on the screen.
b. Repeat the new password in the Confirm New Password field.
c. Enter the challenge code from Step 5 in the last field. Note: The challenge code is NOT case sensitive and the dashes are NOT required.  Select Next to continue

Enter New Password


10. Make a note of the response code located on the screen (XXXX-XXXX…).

response code


11. Note: You will now be using the Forsyth Tech laptop to finish.  You no longer need the second device. 

Enter the response code and new password into the Forsyth Tech laptop

a. On the laptop, enter the response code from Step 10 in the Response Code field.
b. Enter the new password from Step 9 in the New Password Field.
c. Re-enter the password in the Confirm New Password field.
d. Select Next to finish the password change.

12. Log into your laptop with your username and new password.