Note: Face-to-face courses must be made available to students by the instructor. If the course is not available, students will not be able to access the course syllabus, supplemental course

1. Sign in to Blackboard ( using your TechID and password.

Sign In

2. Once you are logged into Blackboard, you will see your list of courses in the Course list. Enter the course by clicking the course link of the course you wish to make available to students.
Note: You can identify this courses that are not available by the (not currently available) text beside the Course ID.

Course List

3. Under Course Management, click Customization and the Properties option.


4. Scroll down to the SET AVAIABILITY section, click the option Use Term Availability.

Set Availability

5. Next, scroll down to the SET COURSE DURATION section, select the option Use Tem Duration.
Note: Selecting these two options will ensure your course is available to students during the semester.

Set Course Duration

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Submit button. You must click the Submit button in order for Blackboard to save your changes to making your course available to your students.