Before you can login to your Student Email and other services, you will need to set up your TechID account profle and create a password.

You will need the following before you begin:

Student ID # (Step 1 in this guide…)
Birth Date
Zip Code (The zip code used in your Forsyth Tech Application)

1.To begin, visit the TechID Self-Service portal @

2. Enter your TechID and the characters from the image. Select OK.



3. Select Forgot My Password. You will be prompted for your Student ID #, birth date, and zip code.



4. Provide answers to all of the security questions except the questions about your Student ID, birth date and zip code (those answers have been provided for you).



5. Create a password.

Note: Please pay attention to the password requirements at the top of the page. See this guide for Password Best Practices.